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"Ronald's Teilevertrieb e. U." was founded on 07.01.2014 and specializes exclusively in the distribution of engines and gearboxes. In addition, turbochargers and injectors are also offered when purchasing an engine.

"Ronald's Teilevertrieb e. U." is exclusive distributor of CSN B.V. for Austria, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia and Switzerland. International sales activities are realized via cooperation partners based in the individual countries.

Bajkalská 9/B
SK-83104 Bratislava

Tel.: +421 910 310 001
Email: office@motor-prevodovka.com
Web: www.motor-prevodovka.com



Tel.: +386
Email: office@motor-menjalnik.com
Web: www.motor-menjalnik.com


For our Swiss customers, we offer

Detailed information on

Due to decades of experience of our main supplier, we can confidently offer every engine* with at least 12 month warranty. *Only applies to engines of the Stock List . For conditions, restrictions and sizes see "Warranty conditions" in the imprint.

Due to a high degree of organization of logostics, warehousing, order processing and regulation of guarantee & warranty, you will be looked after and satisfied at the highest level from inquiry to delivery.